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Which movie can be more touching than the one telling the story of some wild animal or pet who overcomes all difficulties and ordeals provided by the cruel world of people and shows a touching example of loyalty to his owner or friend? Personally I can’t think of any plot which can be compared with these touching stories. Such films remind us that we should treat the animals without cruelty and that the world of nature can teach us something, like being loyal, friendly and strong.

The animal film character I like most is Uggie, the terrier of Jack Russel in the Oscar-awarded film “Artist”. This dog performed so wonderful in this mute movie that the audience considered him to be one of the main characters of the story and expressed even the opinion that Uggie should participate in the Academy Awards 2012 as an actor. The fate of Uggie in real life, however, was not always that cloudless. His owners rejected him for being uncontrolled and wild. A famous dog trainer Omar von Muller has found him somewhere in Florida and used the dog’s energy for creative purposes. Uggie’s first role was in the movie “Water for Elephants” where he played a circus pooch. However, it was the role in the “Artist” which has brought him a real fame. Nowadays Uggie even has his own twitter account.



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