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I didn’t believe in ghosts for a long period of time. Well, I liked to watch movies about spirits and ghosts when I was a little girl. I was captivated by ghost stories. I mean there are so many different stories in pop culture referring to scary and captivating stories about paranormal phenomena. Anyway for me ghosts were not actual. Those stories are breathtaking, sometimes they are even romantic. But I didn’t believe they happened to people. My favorite one is Ghost (1990) by Jerry Zucker. To tell the truth I have never thought seriously about ghosts. “They are unreal and fictional”, I thought. But once I changed my mind. In summer 2010 I decided to spend my vacations along with my friends in North Carolina. It is wonderful place indeed to have a rest and have fun. We decided to rent a house in Southern Shores. There were four of us: Tim, Jessica, Robert and me. We are college friends. So we found a house not far from the seashore and moved in. We wanted to stay over there about ten days. The weather was wonderful, the place was beautiful. Everything seemed to be perfect except the house. Well, it was fine as well but it was pretty old. My friends also didn’t believe in ghosts. But we changed our minds. For the first several days everything was fine. On the third day I heard footsteps downstairs. Well, actually guys went to swim at the time. I decided not to pay much attention to it. Then I heard it once again. I decided to wait for my friends outside. I didn’t tell my friends anything. But next night Jessica was frightened to death. She saw an image of a little girl who was wandering around the room and laughing. Jessica was screaming out. It was terrible. We decided to leave the house immediately. Well, it was strange and terrifying. I still doubt whether it was true or not. And who was that little girl…



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