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“Hammer of the Witches” is a legendary book of European inquisitors if the Middle Ages. In the period of time between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries a mere mentioning this book caused fear and terror. The frightening book that provided the reason to kill thousands of people in Europe is studied by both the historians and esoterics.

It was written in 1486 by the who monks from the Order of Preachers, Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer. These two brethren were the famous hunters for witches though their actions were criticized even by the clergy. The approval of the Pope Innocent the eighth of this book made it the desk companion of inquisitors. The style of Hexenhammer was maximum close to the laic one and was accessible equally for both the clergy and the jury. It was published more than 30 times, mostly in French and German. The authors of Hexenhammer had good knowledge of demonology which allowed them to combine ancient Roman legends with religious rules. The instruction how to hunt and prosecute a witch was developed in the three parts.



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