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The Cannes International Film Festival came to an end. Finally we know winners. And it seems like all of them deserved the awards they got. Some movies are really worth seeing, some seem to be quite controversial. Anyway I would like to share the films that are worth paying attention to.

To tell the truth I’m not big fan of Michael Haneke’s films. Well, it is just not my scene. But this time I was amazed and impressed deeply. Love by Michael Haneke won the Palme d’Or. The story of the film depicts relations between two elderly people, both music teachers, Anne and Georges. Anne suffered a stroke, she is paralyzed. Georges looks after her. The story is so real and convincing. You never know what may happen to you and to those you love. It is even terrible to think about. The film is moving and emotional. One may recognize Haneke’s style even though it seems like it is not the theme that would attract him. Well, sometimes we are wrong.



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