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There has always been a great woman behind every great man. For a French painter Salvador Dali that strong woman was Gala, a Russian lady, idolized by Dali. Just remember: all the female characters on his pictures are drawn from Gala. I have never heard any story which could be more romantic and tragic in the same time.

Elena Dyakonova, or Gala, was a mysterious and controversial figure, but she was a great friend and devoted assistant. When they met first, Gala was married. She was 36, Dali was 25, but it was like a lightning stroke for the artist: her appearance coincided with the image of an unknown Russian girl, whom Dali used to see in his dreams quite often. And additionally Salvador invented the ideal look of an elegant woman, which he was always looking for. So that all was in Gala, and he decided that Gala was totally his.



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