Row of five friends using cellular phones smiling

I suppose many people have noticed that already. No, I’m not talking about the drooling dead guys walking down the streets and eating brains. In fact, I’m talking about something that eats their brains – the apps.
My friends are driving me crazy, seriously. I’m not one of those old school xenophobe guys that hate everything new and unfamiliar. I do have gadgets and do use apps. I do social networking. But dammit, my friends are a new level of sick when it comes to apps.
We went out the other day. It was a great party and everyone were having fun, and in the middle of the party everyone went really wild. I was having so much fun and looked around to check whether my fellas are having fun too.

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It is an interesting fact that the children who are always late, forget doing their tasks and don’t carry out their promises usually have the parents who act in the same way. If you bother your head with the question how to make your child more responsible you should analyze your actions and behavior as well.

Think about the following things: are you punctual, do you organize your time wisely, do you feel responsibility for your words and actions and so on. If you suppose you have some difficulties with all that stuff begin learning to be more responsible yourself and show the good and right example for your children. The children are taught more effectively if they have illustrations of the correct behavior but not when they are endlessly lectured.
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Lucky families live in their own houses in suburbs or in the small towns where children can ride a bike without taking a risk of being run over. But not so many people have enough money to buy a house or get mortgage, or maybe they just like living in a small apartment in a city.

Anyway, we all want our homes to be cozy. And here are tips on how to make your small apartment in a city look a little bigger.

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Have you ever wondered why we make the decisions that don’t lead us to the expected results but on the opposite make us find ourselves in the most unpleasant life situations? In the most cases our intelligence is far from what is called brilliance. Generally we think of the problems taking into account all the pros and cons. But our intelligence prompts us to act the wrong way actually. Than maybe we should find out what intelligence is. But in the various dictionaries and reference book there are different definitions of that word. But generally intelligence is a certain program of our brain which allows us to generate thoughts and ideas, analyze the events, comprehend the world and make the decisions.

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In the recent year there has appeared a new tendency in the world of biology – the scientists name new species of animals and insects after some famous singers, actors or politicians. Probably, it is believed that celebrities will be extremely glad to find out that some bug was named in their honor.

Speaking of the bugs, by the way, there is a bug named after Kate Winslet – Agra Katewinsletae. An entomologist Terry Erwin explained that by this title he wanted to remind about the danger which presents for these bugs the disappearing of forests. He made a comparison of this situation with “Titanic” – in this movie the heroine of Kate Winslet managed to survive, but he is not sure that the bugs will be as lucky as the actress.

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The qualities and features of our characters are defined by a complex of factors among which is genetics, the method of bringing up, social environment and birth order as well. It became a stated fact that the sequence of your appearing in the family influences your personality as well as your whole future life.

The oldest child in the family usually is the most responsible ones. He or she helps their parents to bring up siblings since childhood. Besides, the oldest children should set an example for the younger ones, so they are usually the ones who are good at studying and who observe all rules. The childhood of the first kids is usually short as with the appearing of other kids they cease to be the center of parents’ attention. So, they develop a natural desire to please in order to be noticed. The oldest children have great ambitions and the qualities of a leader as well. However, in adult life they may become too obsessed with their desire to control everything.

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“Hammer of the Witches” is a legendary book of European inquisitors if the Middle Ages. In the period of time between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries a mere mentioning this book caused fear and terror. The frightening book that provided the reason to kill thousands of people in Europe is studied by both the historians and esoterics.

It was written in 1486 by the who monks from the Order of Preachers, Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer. These two brethren were the famous hunters for witches though their actions were criticized even by the clergy. The approval of the Pope Innocent the eighth of this book made it the desk companion of inquisitors. The style of Hexenhammer was maximum close to the laic one and was accessible equally for both the clergy and the jury. It was published more than 30 times, mostly in French and German. The authors of Hexenhammer had good knowledge of demonology which allowed them to combine ancient Roman legends with religious rules. The instruction how to hunt and prosecute a witch was developed in the three parts.

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